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When I started accumulating the material for what eventually became this site, many years ago, I was naïve enough to believe the neat classifications of "learning theory" the textbooks promulgated.

It is worth asking why textbooks do this (divide everything up so neatly) when anything of any interest is so much messier.

Question for the reader: what does this say about me? Responses other than; "Hasn't got enough common sense to tie his own shoe-laces." and "Totally devoid of interpersonal skills" (both fed back to me indirectly today—and both fair comment!) welcome! Address below.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch—there are many ideas on learning which do not fit neatly into the usual neat categories of:

— which is as it should be. Learning is a multi-faceted phenomenon which cannot be packaged quite so simply. All theories are abstractions from the infinite complexity and confusion of reality: groupings or packages of theories are meta-abstractions, and to let them dominate distorts things too much.

So the topics in this section (links listed on the left)—tend to be on the blurred boundaries of learning theories, but nonetheless relevant to the practice of teaching and learning.


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