Pretentious stuff over! The content of this site includes work in progress, speculative and simply half-baked ideas which don't fit my more mainstream site, but I hope you find them stimulating or even helpful.

I have added a blog, which-among other things-tries to provide examples of "reflection". (If you are not in an area of work where "reflective practice" is a big thing, you may wonder what that is about. Even if you are in such work, you may still wonder...)

I am now semi-retired from the university, which means that I can get on with more interesting stuff, such as research, teaching, reading and writing; but I am also available for some consultancy and staff development work, so please contact me. (Link below)

Incidentally, what's with this backwards red tick? Is it an ironic comment on globalisation, a transposed NikeŽ "swoosh" pointing to the left rather than the right? Sorry, it's just that I am left-handed, and hence I find it easier to tick that way. It's my most common contribution to students' work-so it becomes a signature. (I don't use a red pen any more, though, because of the connotations it carries for many students.)

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