Resource-Based Learning etc.

On the whole, I stick to face-to-face teaching supplemented by some on-line resources, and there is already a great deal of material about open, distance, virtual, e-, resource-based, material-based, etc. learning. However, I am a sympathetic sceptic about it, and here are a couple of papers which explore my position:

The Politics of RBL  An early paper arising from my concern about the way in which RBL has been used in Further Education in the UK, and

A paper on Technology and Learning: is technology simply about making it easier and more efficient to do the same thing, or does it affect more fundamentally the nature of learning and teaching?

Earlier in 2009, I undertook an on-line course to have the up-to-date experience of being a remote student on a programme run and tutored by some of the most experienced practitioners in the UK at least, and I reflected on the experience on the blog;


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