22 October 2007

On students' experience

A friend has sent me this link;

I'm not entirely sure what to make of it; it's a class exercise (probably a very good one for freshers) but the methodological implications of developing ideas via wikis is something I need to think about...

Can it be trusted? Is it a true picture? Is it different in the UK? If it is true, and these are the "millennial students" we hear about, what does it say about our teaching methods? Is it incumbent upon us to adjust to their experience and expectations, or on them to "get real" and "grow up"? Or both?


At 8:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes, first time leaving a message on a Blog I must be linking in with this interactive technological learning experience.
I work in Dundee Scotland with childcare students their experience is somewhat different but in lots of ways the same. I want to capture enthusiasim, expand interactive learning and at the same time pass on valuable information to help make brilliant early years practitioners who will move with the times and nurture the next generation of children.
I am new to teaching but am commited to helping to transmit the passion I feel about working with children to be passed onto those who will work with children, they can't just go out and learn it all through practice


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