Why and how anti-burglary precautions affect you and your insurance

In the UK, there are several terms and conditions which are meant for all aspects of your home and your home’s defence system, including your own precautions. That’s why we thought to serve you with a little bit of information as to what to pay attention to, before committing yourself to a home insurance.

British Standard Lock system

British home insurance policies require a certain type and quality of lock systems to be installed in a home in order for the home insurance to happen. The key lock system which home owners are mostly required to have in the United Kingdom is called British Standard lock and this is generally the key type of lock which is expected from all the homeowners the very least.

Certificate of conformity

There are several sorts of British Standards locks which conform to the British Standards with each sort of standard having a different identification number. The most common standard codes are the BS3621 the BS8612 and the BS10621.

BS3621- this is the classic cylinder lock which is used in most household and can be opened with a key from both sides

BS8621: this is standard for the type of lock which only needs a key to open from one side. It may be closed with a thumb turn on the other end. This sort of lock is frequently used by residential apartment homes

BS10621: this is the standard for the sort of locks which can only be locked from the outside and can be opened without a key from the inside. This lock is common for backyard and kitchen entrance doors.

There are several ways for you to check whether your lock is in fact a British standard or not. If you want to know the proper information, then you can call an experienced locksmith service Manchester to determine all locks and replace those not up to par with the standards.

A quality insurance company will always physically test the lock

Quality insurance companies will always send out an investigator, who will proceed with a very detailed checking of the lock, including the lock’s state, how much it’s worn from usage and determine whether it needs replacement or if it’s still good to go. If your lock is outdated and needs to be changed, call a certified and approved locksmith in order to change your locks according to the insurance standards. It’s essential that the locks used are always certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) you can also make sure of this if you see that the lock displays the copyrighted trademark of BSI.

If it’s proved that the burglary happened through a door or window that has been left open or through a home where the alarm system was not turned on, then most insurance companies will deny any payment for you. We strongly advise therefore to keep the precautions and to contact a certified locksmith services in Manchester to help you with all your lock systems.